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モンゴル : 祝日、銀行休業日、休校日

モンゴル : 2ヶ月間の祝日、銀行および証券取引所の休業日、見本市、文化・スポーツイベント、行事、カーニバル、選挙に関するスケジュール完全版

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日付 種類
新しい年の日*2017 1月 日曜日 1世俗的な休日 
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冬の休日 (終了)**2017 1月 月曜日 9上記の銀行休業日に加えて学校休み(地域により異なります) 
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仏教のお祭り*2017 2月 日曜日 26銀行は閉まっている 
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月の新年**2017 2月 月曜日 27仏教(小さい修道士)  
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月の新年2017 2月 火曜日 28仏教(小さい修道士)  
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新しい年の日 -
2017 1月 日曜日 1

世俗的な休日 : 元日(がんじつ)は、年の最初の日、日付は1月1日(改暦前は旧暦1月1日)。

冬の休日 (終了) -
2017 1月 月曜日 9

学校の休み(慎重に検査しなさい) : Http://isumongolia.edu.mn - International School of Ulaanbaatar calendars vary according to the rural regions http://www.meds.gov.mn/ confirmed till June 2017

送キィモ崙ネユ -
2018 1月 土曜日 13

文化 : To pay respect to former People痴 Great Khural deputies in the province, capital, soum and district level who adopted the Constitution

仏教のお祭り -
2017 2月 日曜日 26

銀行は閉まっている : The day before New Years Day is known as Bituun, meaning 鍍o close down�. At the eve of the old year there is a celebration called Bituuleg. There is a big amount of 田overed food�, where the meat is covered by for instance a layer of dough. Also the Ul Boov is created: a pile of ceremonial bread (boov) in an odd number of layers. Later traditional games can be played, and oral histories are told. It is said that at Bituun Baldanlham, a local god, is riding her mule during this time. She would be coming by three times so every family puts three pieces of ice on the top of the door of the ger, or on the balcony for people living in an apartment, for the mule to drink. http://mongoluls.net/tsagaansar.shtml

月の新年 -
2017 2月 月曜日 27

仏教(小さい修道士) : The festival of the lunar New Year, Tsagaan Sar, is celebrated in or around February depending on the Mongolian lunar calendar. It generally coincides with other lunar New Year celebrations, like the Chinese. Often, however, Mongolians deny any Chinese origin or influence. In the 1960s, the communist government tried to transform it into Cattle Breeders` Day and official celebration was stopped. On the day of Tsagaan Sar increased checks on employee presence would occur. Neverthless, like with other traditionsand religious activities, some families remain a surreptious practise, especially in countryside. When the party tries to reaffirm traditional values in the late eighties it again becomes a public holiday. Still the festival has its pre-revolutionary character of reaffirming kin ties. Tsagaan Sar, meaning White Month or Moon, is one the main two big public annual events, next to the Nadaam. It marks the end of Winter and the beginning of spring and the new year?Ls cycle. Reverted to Tibetan calendar in 2005. in Kalmykia-Khalm Tangch, Buryatia, Tyva http://mongoluls.net/tsagaansar.shtml

月の新年 -
2017 2月 火曜日 28

仏教(小さい修道士) :