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ブラジル (セルジペ) - 1970年から2070年までの世界の祝日

1970年から2070年までの世界の祝日(銀行休業日含む)カレンダー for ブラジル (セルジペ)

Rio: many areas are unsafe, especially Copacabana, Flamengo, Santa Teresa, city center and the favelas. If agressed, never resist.
通貨: Real (BRL) ... ココで換算

ポルトガル語 (7カ国で1.6億スピーカー) ...
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日付 種類
アパレシーダの聖母の日*2014 10月 日曜日 12世俗的な休日 
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公務員の日*2014 10月 火曜日 28世俗的な休日 
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死者の日**2014 11月 日曜日 2世俗的な休日 
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共和国記念日*2014 11月 土曜日 15世俗的な休日 
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黒人意識向上の日*2014 11月 木曜日 20ポストカード花 
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アパレシーダの聖母の日 -
2017 10月 木曜日 12

世俗的な休日 : Our Lady who Appeared refers to a statue of the Virgin Mary located in the Basilica of Aparecida in Aparecida, and patroness of Brazil. One of the most visited places in the Catholic world.

公務員の日 -
2016 10月 金曜日 28

世俗的な休日 : いくつかの?ュ府機関が閉?スされている?Aいくつかの銀?sが閉?スされている半日または丸一日も?B

死者の日 -
2016 11月 ?曜日 2

世俗的な休日 : This is an ancient festivity that has been much transformed through the years,but which was intended in prehispanic Mexico to celebrate children and the dead.This holiday is a time when Mexican families remember their dead and the continuity of life.The original celebration can be traced to the Aztec civilization, in the month of Miccailhuitontli, presided by the Lady of the Dead , goddess Mictecacihuatl and dedicated to children and the dead. Families visit the graves and engage in sprucing up the gravesite, decorating it with flowers, setting out and eating a festive picnic.

共和国記念日 -
2016 11月 火曜日 15

世俗的な休日 : When in 1822 Brazil became independent, Don Pedro was the emperor. In 1865 Brazil became involved in a bloody five-year war with Paraguay. In 1888 slavery was abolished and in 1889, the emperor was overthrown by the military. Republic was installed.

黒人意識向上の日 -
2016 11月 日曜日 20

ポストカード花 : Palmares was a free state created by slaves in the Pernambuco region, from 1590 to 1716. On Nov. 20, 1696, its military leader, Zumbi, was treacherously killed. Zumbi is still considered as a great general. This celebration is somewhat debated within the administration.