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イラン - 1970年から2070年までの世界の祝日

1970年から2070年までの世界の祝日(銀行休業日含む)カレンダー for イラン

通貨: Rial (IRR) ... ココで換算

アルメニア(600万スピーカー), アゼリ語 (1000 万のスピーカー), ペルシア語 (4500万スピーカー), クルド人 (2000万スピーカー), 方言, パシュトゥン語(1800万スピーカー) ...
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日付 種類
イマームサデクの殉教日*2016 7月 ?曜日 20世俗的な休日 
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イマームサデクの殉教日 -
2017 7月 木曜日 20

世俗的な休日 : Jafar Sadeq (April 20, 702 - December 4, 765), is considered the sixth Shi'a imam by Twelver Shi'a Muslims. He was a theologian and jurist. His rulings are the basis of the Jafari school of Shi'a jurisprudence; but he is well respected by Sunnis for his contributions to the Sunni scholarship as well. The dispute over who was to succeed him led to the split of the Ismailis from the mainstream Twelver Shi'a and the establishment of the Aga Khans' family line. He died on December 4, 765. Some say that he was poisoned, thus becoming a martyr, like the Shi'a imams before him. He is buried in Medina, in the famous Jannat al-Baqi cemetery. Wikipedia