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ヒンズー教 : 宗教的イベント

日付 種類
ヒンズー教の祭典*2015 7月 日曜日 12ヒンズー教 
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エサラペラヘラ*2015 7月 日曜日 19ヒンズー教 
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ヒンズー教の祭り*2015 7月 日曜日 26ヒンズー教 
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ヒンズー教の祭典 -
2016 7月 火曜日 12

ヒンズー教 : It involves the worship of the dynasty deity of Tripuri people, the fourteen gods.The word Kharchi is derived from two Tripuri words 'Khar' or Kharta meaning Sin, 'chi' or si meaning cleaning. It means cleaning of the sins of the people or the kingdom. The Khachi puja is performed after 15 days of Ama pechi or Ambu bachi. According to Tripuri legends Ama Pechi is menstruation of mother goddess or earth mother. So the soil is not ploughed or digging of anywhere on this day. Among Tripuri the menstruation of a woman is considered as unholy ness, which is why in this period all the performance auspicious functions by women are prohibited. Even to the extent any priest whose wife is menstruating is prohibited to perform any auspicious or religious function.So after the menstruation of mother earth during Ama pechi, the earth is considered to become unholy. The kharchi puja is performed to wash out the sins, to clean up the post menstrual uncleanly ness of earth mothers menstruation. That is why it is performed for seven consecutive days.

エサラペラヘラ -
2016 7月 火曜日 19

ヒンズー教 : On the Esala full moon, the Kandy Esala Perahera takes place. The most important and spectacular festival in SL, it is the climax of 10 days and nights of increasing frenetic activity in Kandy.

ヒンズー教の祭り -
2016 7月 火曜日 26

ヒンズー教 : The celebration occurs two weeks after the Kharchi Puja to honor Ker, the guardian deity of Vastu Devata. It includes offerings, sacrifices, and a prescribed boundary which both safeguards people from calamities and saves people from external aggression. The puja was initiated by the Tripura rajas. Participation in the puja is required for the Halam tribe. For 2.5 days during the festival, entrances to the capital are closed, and participants, including the reigning sovereign, are not allowed to wear shoes, light a fire, dance, or sing.